Twincoon - Dallie and Nissie Dennise is my name and drawing comics is what I do. Online I am known as Nissie (knee-see), and is what I prefer to be called. It’s just weird otherwise. I’m a sequential artist and illustrator, and I also do graphic design on the side. My design portfolio can be found at I designed this whole comic website using WordPress with ComicPress.

Tools of the trade are Manga Studio 5 EX (I’ve upgraded from Debut 4), Paint Tool SAI (rarely) and Photoshop CS5.

For more art check out my Tumblr, Deviant Art and my other comics on Smack Jeeves.

I’m also half of the group Twincoon. We make a lot of videos and art and stuff, including the parody cartoon Shut Up! Mokuba-chan, a new project called Between Bell Break, and various original songs. Check out our Facebook and Twitter for updates of our work.


About the Comic

Lynia Grey was once part of a now jailed thief family, but now she stops criminals with the help of her rich, genius benefactor Rose. Rose uses her genius to engineer gadgets and inventions which Lynia tests as the vigilante RingTail. Together they fight mysterious Arcadio and his ninjas called The Shadows, and compete with their rivals from I.N.C.A.S.