Lynia Grey Lynia Grey: Formally part of a family of thieves and a professional thief herself. After her family is caught and thrown in jail, Rose gives her the opportunity to stay out of jail by hiring her.
RingTail RingTail: To stay out of jail, Lynia agreed to work for Rose…as a costumed vigilante! Now she stops other thieves and their mysterious mastermind Arcadio
Rose Bara Rose Bara: The rich heiress to her father’s weapons manufacturing company and genius, she decided early on that she rather fight crime her own way: by making equipment fit for ‘super hero’ type vigilantes. Her first specimen to test her inventions on: Lynia.
Kage The Shadows of Arcadio – Kage A ninja who works for Arcadio. He appears to have a lazy expression, but is extremely skilled at sneaking and information gathering. He works for the mysterious mastermind, Arcadio, who formally employed the Grey family until their capture by the police.
Umber The Shadows of Arcadio – Umber: A ninja who works for Arcadio. She is a master of disguise and quick on her feet. You’d think she’s be easy to spot with her flaming red hair and freckles.
Agent Tanuki I.N.C.A.S. Agent Tanuki: An agent of a secret organization called The International Network of Crime Apprehension Services. He seems bent on having RingTail join to help them stop Arcadio. For some reason he doesn’t trust Rose.
Agent Panda I.N.C.A.S. Agent Panda: A scientist working for The International Network of Crime Apprehension Services. She likes giving out animal themed nicknames. She works closely with Agent Tanuki.
Carmen Salvador Carmen Salvador: Rose’s long time trusted friend. She rather not get involved in Rose’s crazy antics but she’s always there to lend her platonic support.
Soubi Bara Soubi Bara: Rose’s cousin who is currently living with her family while studying in America. He, like Rose, is dual enrolled in High School and College, and is supposedly very smart. He also talks on the phone a lot with- who Rose believes is- his girlfriend.
Cole Cole: A senior at the school Lynia and company go to. He has a knack for showing up unannounced and startling others. He has a seemingly friendly demeanor, but it is a front for a darker personality? Or is he just an annoying pest?