Ninja Nissie Dennise is my name and drawing comics is what I do. I prefer to go by Nissie (nee-see) and I go by Ninja Nissie online. Pronouns are she/her.

I draw comics and illustration in my spare time, but I also work as a graphic designer. My design portfolio can be found at I designed this whole comic website using WordPress with ComicPress.

Tools of the trade are Clip Studio Paint EX and occasionally Photoshop CS5.

For more art check out my Twitter, Deviant Art or look through the archive of my now dead Tumblr.

You can read my other comic, Thief Catcher RingTail, here!

Twincoon - Dallie and Nissie
I do a lot of collabs with my twin sister Dallie under the name Twincoon. We post videos on our Youtube and sometimes I stream with her on her Twitch channel. We make a lot of videos and art and stuff, including the parody cartoon Shut Up! Mokuba-chan, semi-animated comic shorts like Between Bell Break, and various original songs. Check out our Facebook and Twitter for updates of our work.


About the Comic

This fantasy adventure story follows mercenaries Raleigh and Zane as they help Princess Mina journey to search for a way to cure her from a terrible curse.

You can buy the Dragon Princess graphic novel (actual book) on Amazon here.
I typo a lot but I assure you the official graphic novel releases that are available to purchase have been quality checked and assured! Many of the errors you find reading the webcomic here have been corrected in the print version.