Here are short bios for the main cast and supporting characters for Dragon Princess. More characters will be added as the story progresses.

Mina Click for ref sheet Name: Princess Minelle Runeliss Arnenn
Nickname: Mina
Age: 17
The heroine of the story. She searches for a way to break her curse with the help of Raleigh and Zane.
Raleigh Click for ref sheet Name: Raleigh of Salport
Age: 18
A mercenary with dreams of saving a princess and becoming a hero. Perhaps Mina is the princess he’s been searching for?
Zane Click for ref sheet Name: Zane D’Miste
Age: 19
The brains of the trio. Hopefully his calm thinking will help them on their journey.
Queen Cecilia Click for ref sheet Name: Queen Cecilia Arnenn
Age: Unknown
The laid back, easy-going Queen of Arnenn. She has 7 daughters, of which Mina is the youngest.
King Wilfred Click for ref sheet Name: King Wilfred Garbanzo Arnenn
Age: Middle-aged?
The quiet, pacifist husband of Cecilia. He doesn’t like being front and center and much rather run things from the shadows.
Miss Issipy Click for ref sheet Name: Miss Issipy
Age: Rude, don’t ask!
A crafty witch who has a potion or magical item for every occasion (you can tell by her wart!) She is close friends with Queen Cecilia and is like a godmother to Mina.
The Bard Click for ref sheet Name: Reyan Payazzo
Age: 20’s
A mysterious bard with a magical lute that can control others. Well, now he’s got other problems to deal with.
Chara Click for ref sheet Name: Chara D’Miste
Age: Late 20’s
Zane’s older sister. She’s a blacksmith who specializes in enchanting and dispelling magical weapons and using sealing magic.
Analiss Click for ref sheet Name: Analiss D’Miste
Age: Mid 30’s
Zane and Chara’s eldest sister. She is the current lord of Dolan Miste married to Lady Vivian and parent-by-marriage to Gwen. She has a mysterious anti-magic arm.
Gwen Click for ref sheet Name: Gwendolynn Neblina de Miste
Age: 13
An energetic brat who is convinced she is Zane’s squire. She is willful and enthusiastic and tries to act like “one of the big kids” despite being the baby of the family.