Here are short bios for the main cast and supporting characters for Dragon Princess. More characters will be added as the story progresses.

Mina Click for ref sheet Name: Princess Minelle Runeliss Arnenn
Nickname: Mina
Age: 17
The heroine of the story. She searches for a way to break her curse with the help of Raleigh and Zane.
Raleigh Click for ref sheet Name: Raleigh of Salport
Age: 18
A mercenary with dreams of saving a princess and becoming a hero. Perhaps Mina is the princess he’s been searching for?
Zane Click for ref sheet Name: Zane D’Miste
Age: 19
The brains of the trio. Hopefully his calm thinking will help them on their journey.
Queen Cecilia Click for ref sheet Name: Queen Cecilia Arnenn
Age: Unknown
The laid back, easy-going Queen of Arnenn. She has 7 daughters, of which Mina is the youngest.
King Wilfred Click for ref sheet Name: King Wilfred Garbanzo Arnenn
Age: Middle-aged?
The quiet, pacifist husband of Cecilia. He doesn’t like being front and center and much rather run things from the shadows.
Miss Issipy Click for ref sheet Name: Miss Issipy
Age: Rude, don’t ask!
A crafty witch who has a potion or magical item for every occasion (you can tell by her wart!) She is close friends with Queen Cecilia and is like a godmother to Mina.
The Bard Click for ref sheet Name: Reyan Payazzo
Age: 20’s
A mysterious bard with a magical lute that can control others. Well, now he’s got other problems to deal with.
Chara Click for ref sheet Name: Chara D’Miste
Age: Late 20’s
Zane’s older sister. She’s a blacksmith who specializes in enchanting and dispelling magical weapons and using sealing magic.